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7 things you should do for a better Time Management 

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Adigun Uthman Lenin


” Time nah money” said a popular musician in the early 2000’s. Truly this man, Mike Okri was right and he is still right. Your time is your money, your time is your life. Falling to manage your time well might be the your biggest mistake. 

You may delay, but time will not-Benjamin Franklin. Several of us still look back to our young days and still  wished we had done somethings  the better way. Even I, still do the same thing, I sometimes say, ” If I had known, I would have read better when I was in my secondary school days”. It’s nothing bad having a regret but its something bad when we have a regret and still make the same regret again and again.

Those regret we look back onto are those times we failed to manage, those risks we failed to take as a young boy or girl. With my little knowledge, I have put down 7 things we all should do to ensure that we are managing our time the right way.


We all have been mistaken by the thoughts that our goals are our future ambition or things we intend to achieve later. HELL NO!! Goals are of different dimensions: Short Range Goals which include daily, weekly, monthly goals, the medium which is majorly five years and the Long Range goals which is ten years and above. Learn to set the daily goals. 

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When you wake up in the morning, ask your self, what do I intend to achieve today? If possible, write them down and when you about to go to bed ask yourself again,”What did I achieve today, did I really work towards my goals?” This  Goals will improve our self-image because we have a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. It ensures that our time are well managed, and well spent on the things we intend to achieve.

  • AVOID PROCRASTINATION.  This is the no. 1 root problem to our time. This is what we do, day in day out. Procrastination is act of delaying or deferring an action to a later 

time. Things we ought to do or I should say, things that should have been done are being postponed to another time. This is seriously affecting our time. Those things we didn’t on time fills up other time for things we should have done, goals we should have achieved.

Learn to do the right things at the right time. Don’t procrastinate, it kills faster than AIDS!!.


“Great minds discuss ideas, average ones discuss events, and small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt. Gossipers derive pleasure from other people’s misfortunes. It might be fun to peer into somebody else ‘s personal or professional life at first, but over time, it gets tiring, makes you feel gross, and hurts other people, it also waste your your time. 

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There are too many positivity out there and too much to learn from rather than wasting your time talking about the misfortune of others. You less busy? Instead of poking fun of others, why not pick up your phone, get the latest information in town, search online for  things that seems unclear to you. These things makes your time a worthwhile one than gossiping.


“If you want to fly, you give up the things that weigh you down”. You have to start thinking ahead. Leave the unimportant things that you have given too much importance. Start thinking ahead. Do today what others think of doing tomorrow. In that way, you have managed your time so well that, you use tomorrow to achieve other things without affecting what you have to achieve today.


I strongly believe that building a one self is one of life’s most important goals. It’s a process that proceeds consciously. The self you were born with is full of potential, and all these years you have been developing those potentials. This has been a central activity even though you might not have used the same words for it. Some potentials are skills, others talents. Those skills and talents you have got, use your time to improve them, work your values with the little time you have and you will be the shinning star our there.

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This probably seems like nothing but its something. Look at this ” DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME”, have it at the back of your mind so that when you intend to waste your time doing nothing or nothing of core value to you, it will flash through your mind in this bold writing telling you” DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME”. In that way, it will really help you to achieve a lot.


Do not leave your God. ” Ask and it shall be given on you” that is what he said. Don’t leave him behind, ask for things you need. He is your helper. Let him be the decision maker of your life. Tell him significantly he should lead you to a better way of managing your time. The lord is good all the time, all the time, he is good. May the almighty God lead us all through the right path of life and a teach us all a better ways of managing our time.

I hope you learn from this little piece of writing. As always, I am keen to hear your views, please share and comment below. I’ll Meet You at the Top.


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