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How to get your student email address as a Uniosun Student

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Its quite amazing that 21st century  comes with better livelihood and innovations in all Sectors, educational sector is therefore not excluded from the innovation. Among the innovations being enjoyed in education sector in the 21st century is the electronic means of communication in which students and staffs of an institution have an email that ends with the institution website domain name.

Wikipedia define email as a method of exchanging digital messages between people using digital devices such as computers and mobile phones. Email first entered substantial use in the 1960s and by the mid-1970s had taken the form now recognized as email. Email operates across computer networks, which today is primarily the Internet.

Osun State University students are not excluded from this innovation as being a students of a University comes with several incentives. As a student, you have a student email address which will be  valid while you are still a student. As a member of 3080Gist, i became aware of this in my 200level days. Its quite unfortunate that 90percent students are not aware that they have a student email address.

Student Webmail /Student Email address

Students webmail/ students official email address always contain the first name and surname of a person, in conjunction to the website url of an organization. If your name is ADEBISI Mujeeb, your student email address will be mujeeb.adebisi@student.uniosun.edu.ng.

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UNIOSUN uses Google Gmail to offer this service, but this is not an ordinary Gmail Account, is  called Google Cloud account. A Google Cloud account is an account that’s set up through your work or school, a club, or maybe family or friends. It’s also sometimes called a G Suite account

How to get your student email Address

The first way you can access your student webmail by visiting Uniosun website, school to the bottom, you will see STUDENT Webmail.The second way to access the webmail is by visiting www.admin.google.com or www.admin.google.com/student.uniosun.edu.ng , then input your login details.



From our research, we discover that new users username do consist of the fist name and the  surname i.e firstname.surname@uniosun.edu.ng . If your name is ADEBISI Mujeeb, your student email address will be mujeeb.adebisi@student.uniosun.edu.ng.


By default, password for all username is uniOSun3080, the password is case sensitive, so use capital letter  as applicable. You can then change your password after login-in.

The account operates perfectly like a normal gmail account, so you can use it while you are a student of the University.


In Case you experience problem while using this, do not hesitate to Contact us.  Comment below and let hear your views.

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