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Uniosun JCC Chairman appeal for second chance after students challenged his team for betrayal

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It would be recalled that Osun State University students went on a protest last week on the #10,000 late registration fee imposed by the School Management. The Chairman of Joint Campus Committee(JCC) went ahead with other top executives to sign a memorandum of understanding with the school management. Students of the University see the memorandum signed by JCC chairman as something entirely different from what they cameout enmass to protest for. The JCC Chairman was tag with several bad words, and he replied the students explaining the reasons for their action in the letter below:


Solidarity greetings to the ever dynamic students of Osun State University. With all humility and sense of solidarity, the Joint Campus Committee hereby tender her unreserved and emotional apology for the failure of the committee as regards the issue of N10,000 late registration struggle.
With all sincerity and sense of comradeship, we feel our pains on this draconian policy and the decision we made with the management as regards the late registration which we consider harsh and as a result of our failure to diplomatically impose our will on the management who are aggrieved with the malfunctioning system of the varsity.
We will want to reinstate here that our existence as a committee and Alutaship hinges on the generality of students across all campuses. We want us all to understand that we cannot be so heartless to the extent of playing politics with the students we represent, we cannot serve as the voice of the oppressor and stand as oppressor to further inflict emotional and financial pain on the students as we consider ourselves as mere privileged individuals picked based on trust and integrity (which is the highest honour that can ever be bestowed to man). We can never betray you, but we admit we have disappointed and failed you.
There is no interest greater than common cause of the masses which we strived hard and will still strive to achieve. The only private interest we have in the struggle is to work hard and win so that it can be in records of honour that we were valiant comrades but we were handicapped by several factors which outweighed the N10,000 struggle.
Although the cause of the struggle was the N10,000, which we had seven (7) solid points to back our stand but unfortunately all these points were exhausted at the face of negotiation, including that of the facilities we do not seem to enjoy.
What gave birth to our final conclusion and agreement with the school management which is the cause of this crisis is that, as a student, would you allow your friends and colleagues studentship to be terminated because he or she is not financially capable to pay school fees? What was presented on the face of negotiation to address the mal-functioning of the system that had made us not to enjoy the facilities we are paying for is to implement all the statutory policies of the university so as for us to enjoy the facilities we paid for. The management was of the decision that according to the school policy and law that “a student seizes to be a student if he or she fails to register for two consecutive semesters”. The school was ready to implement this policy and terminate the studentship of our colleagues.
In the discussion of the representatives, we felt this is a greater disaster that needed urgent intervention. Sir/Ma, we know we have failed, disappointed and betrayed the trust you have in us as leaders because we traded the termination of studentship of our esteem colleagues who are up to 20% of the school population with the N10,000 policy.
With a heart full with regret, face full of shame and a career put at risk for losing a vital and important battle, we deeply apologise for our misdeed and plead for another chance to restore this lost dignity by making sure this does not continue in the nearest future as we will commit our last blood to subsequent struggles and hope with your support and God on our side, we can always re-amend our ways as a saying goes thus; “to err is human and to forgive is divine”. We made a mistake, we failed you but plead for second chance.
It’s on this view that we want to urge us all to please for the sake of God, go ahead and make all necessary payments before the closure of the portal on the 28th of February, 2017 as we embark on a struggle that will allow all and sundry to write the coming examinations. On this note we need your support.
ALUTA CONTINUA…VICTORIA ASCERTA!!! Ohamara Victor C, Chairman joint Campus Committee

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