Final tribute to Bunmi ,a Uniosun student.

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If life can be compared to a gold

Even be it silver or naira

Tell me why I won’t buy lives

If life can be exchanged for a poem

Even be it quartet or sonnet

Tell me why I won’t have lives

If life is not seen as a market

Where beings enter and exit

After buying and selling

And after selling and buying

Tell me why I won’t live long


The trade is over

All we have left is to shiver

She entered this market and exit

Her dream turns not to reality

Of the dust she was made

But now she has turned to the dust


If life can be planted

Tell me why I won’t plant seeds of life

And harvest tubers of lives

If life can be exchanged for a dollar

In a forex of life

Tell me why I won’t have a bank

Where my lives will be stored

Tell me why I won’t loan out lives

Tell me! Tell me!


Here I am in a paradise of sadness

Smiles I find no more

For the exit of Bunmi is tearing

Her demise tells me of no tomorrow

The absence of hers tells me our lives are at stake

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For our end we can’t predict

Bunmi! Why did you leave so soon?

Why didn’t you wait to trade so long

To live till your hair turns grey?

Why? Why? Why?


If death can be enslaved

And other diseases as slaves

Tell me why I won’t be the Lord of slaves

If with my hand I can cast death into a lake of fire

Tell why I won’t destroy death

Ah! Bunmi! Tears have watered my face

As the tears cover my face to write no more


Bunmi! Bunmi! Bunmi!

Tell me how it happened

Tell me who cut your life short

Are they the women who assemble at junctions?

Those who claim to be the earth?

Do you mean they are the ones who dine in the midnight?

Ah! You mean those that kill destiny?

Whose happiness is our sadness

And our happiness ; their sadness


Bunmi! My pen has nothing to write again

As my eyes have turned to ocean

Where fishes of loss swim

Bunmi! Tears are cleaning my tears

In a cage of loss I am now caged

B.. U.. N.. M.. I..


Allow me to wish your journey well

Permit me to say you goodbye

Bunmi! May you not step on thorns as you match to Him

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May you rest in a paradise regained

Rest in peace Bunmi.



The Association Of Nigerian Authors, UNIOSUN Branch mourns the death of our student; Bunmi. May her soul rest in perfect peace

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